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About us

Cynosure Editorial is a full-service editorial and content agency


Whatever your needs, you can rely on us - whether it's a one-off editing, copywriting, proofing or indexing job, ongoing marketing content provision, or a complex strategic project in need of an expert guiding hand. We work with marketing agencies, publishing professionals and directly with businesses to help them meet their editorial and content needs.


We will work with you to understand your aims, budget, timescales, and target audience, so that we can deliver quality work that truly meets your objectives. And if we aren't the right people for the job, we'll happily recommend a supplier who might be a better fit.

Tight turnarounds are a speciality!

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Our history

Cynosure Editorial was founded in 2017 by Heather Bateman.


With more than a decade's experience in senior editorial, digital marketing and project management roles, working in both print and online, Heather can turn her hand to just about anything content-related - from the smallest one-off jobs to multi-stakeholder strategic projects (and if she can't - she probably knows someone who can).

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Heather Bateman - freelance editor, proofreader, indexer and marketer